Register for FREE Weather Alerts in your area via SMS and Email.

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Weather Alert is an exciting FREE new service allowing us to warn you about severe weather events heading your way. This could give you time to make sure you're safe and take action to reduce the impact of the event on your home and property.

The Elders Insurance Weather Alert service provides free emergency alerts warning of severe weather. The service tracks potentially dangerous weather systems and alerts subscribers directly in the path of a thunderstorm with the potential for hail, flash flooding or damaging winds.

Register now or invite your friends and family to join our Weather Alert service.

Examples of where people who use this service have been able to save damage to their property include:

  • Making sure their car is under cover after receiving a severe hail alert
  • Tying down loose objects around the house when informed of an impending storm
  • Graziers have been able to make sure their sheep have enough cover to withstand a storm after receiving an alert.

  • This service can be tailored to your specific needs so you only receive alerts for events happening in your area. The system is geographically aware; when you register to receive alerts and notifications your location is fixed via latitude and longitude.

    Notifications are sent by:

  • Mobile via SMS/pagers
  • Phone (text to voice)
  • Email

  • What's more, the service is free. And it's really simple to join.

    Weather Alert does not send unwanted messages. You will only receive alerts and an occasional email to remind you we are still here, or to notify you of changes and upgrades to the system.